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Blue Lagoon-Necklace Set
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Blue Lagoon


The necklace comprises six lampwork beads in beautiful shades of blue. Each bead is cushioned between two silver-plated ceramic squares, and between each of these is a silver-plated ceramic dagger. Deep blue Swarovski crystals are interspersed throughout the necklace to compliment the colour of the lampwork beads.
Silver-plated hollow tubes make up the chain of this necklace to make it that little bit more special.
The necklace is approximately 17 inches (43cm) in length.


The bracelet has eight lampwork beads in varying sizes, and also has silver plated ceramic squares, deep blue Swarovski crystals and is finished off with a sterling silver sun-flower toggle clasp.


Each earring comprises a hand crafted lampwork bead, silver plated ceramic dagger and two Swarovski crystals. The ear hook is sterling silver.